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Wednesday, October 31

5000m PB :-D


5k PB is the one I have been longing for since 2 yeas ago . I am very happy.

◎Monthly mileage for October: 438km

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Monday, October 29

39k, failure.

Today's run supposed to be the last long run and the longest run before Tokyo Women's. However, it turned out to be a failure attempt.

I started at the National Stadium with Motozo and ran with pretty good pace (4:50/k) up to 3rd lap of the Imperial Palace, but during the 4th lap, I started to feel heavy on my stomach. Digestion problem! I know the feeling, I have experienced it twice during marathon races. Once I have it, I just can't run anymore. I had to slow down, and then, to walk. I walked and slow-jogged back to the National Stadium. I think I ate breakfast too close to the starting time. Short of sleep for these 3 days might have affected in some way, too. Anyway, my last chance to do a long run was screwed like this. Bad day...

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Thursday, October 25

Yasso 800s with 3min.

Yesterday, I tried Yasso 800s at the track. Despite my last minute notice, 4 people joined me. (Arnaud, Joachim, Rie and Omar, thanks so much!).
What we did was, 10 times of 800ms in 3 minutes with 400m of recovery jogs (nearly 3 minutes). We managed to do it fairly strongly, and I am quite happy about how I felt afterwards. It wasn't easy for me, but it wasn't that bad. When I did the same thing last year, the damage afterwards was awful and I had to change my training programme.

>>Consequence of Yasso 800 (Sep. 2006)

I can't say I can run 3 hour marathon right away just because of this, but it turned out to be a good confident builder.


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Wednesday, October 24

Takashimadaira 20k

1:25:10 (net) / 1:25:33 (gros)

I am happy with my run although I missed 10 seconds for my target. I have been doing this race for 4 years in a row and the main purpose is to check my fitness level before my main race Tokyo Women's. I compared the 5k splits of these four years and found an interesting point. My first 5k split is getting slower as my total time improve. This year, I am very happy with the fact that I ran whole way almost even pace, and actually I felt 4:15/k pace easier than last year. I take it as a good sign for my marathon in 4 weeks time.

2004 20:50 / 21:31 / 22:22 / 22:11 / Total 1:26:55
2005 21:07 / 21:28 / 21:42 / 22:04 / Total 1:26:24
2006 21:13 / 21:33 / 21:44 / 21:45 / Total 1:26:15
2007 21:22 / 21:11 / 21:15 / 21:20 / Total 1:25:10

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Thursday, October 18

4:15/k pace.

That's the sub-3 hour pace for a marathon, 90min pace for a half and 85min for 20k.

Today, I ran 12k with 4:15/k pace to see if I can run Takashimadaira 20k within 85min. Thanks to Shoji-san and Rie, it was successfully done and I had a feeling that I can sustain the pace for 20k. Feeling pretty good about it.

I know running 42.2k with that pace is another story, but to be honest and bold, I thought it's not impossible if I train properly.

Well, for now, I should concentrate on the 20k race this Sunday.

Monday, October 15

34k including Tokyo Women's course.

Last Sunday, I did another long run with Rie, Yuri and Akira.

Started from the National Stadium, followed the course of Tokyo Women's up to Jimbocho, then headed to the Imperial Palace, did 4 laps and came back the same course to the National Stadium Marathon Gate.

This time we didn't really care about the pace, just kept a bit faster than 5min/k until the Yotsuya uphill, since pushing at the hill with tired legs was the purpose for this long run. When the hill started, we tried to run faster, and faster, but I was the one who had to try the hardest perhaps. Yuri seemed easy following me, Rie was looking just OK and Akira passed me at the end of the hill. Anyway, everyone finished strongly at the National Stadium and I was quite happy with it.

Only regret was, I miscalculated the distance. I thought it was 36k altogether but actually it was around 34k.

This made my weekly mileage 103km.

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Tuesday, October 9

30km at the Palace.

Sunday, I ran 30km, 6 laps of the Imperial Palace. Seven Nambanners started together but soon after we split into 2 or 3 packs. I ran with Bob all the way and thanks to him, I could do the run with the planned pace (30sec faster in each lap), well, almost!

2h21m53s in total.

Monday morning, I helped Harriers at their 30k pace run in Yoyogi park, mostly doing water hand-out and helped pacing 5min+/k group for 10k. After the workout, we invited Harriers coaches to our place to watch Izumo Ekiden and Chicago Marathon video with Pizza and Coke. Chicago finish, both women and men was spectacular. It was fun afternoon.

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