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Tuesday, October 9

30km at the Palace.

Sunday, I ran 30km, 6 laps of the Imperial Palace. Seven Nambanners started together but soon after we split into 2 or 3 packs. I ran with Bob all the way and thanks to him, I could do the run with the planned pace (30sec faster in each lap), well, almost!

2h21m53s in total.

Monday morning, I helped Harriers at their 30k pace run in Yoyogi park, mostly doing water hand-out and helped pacing 5min+/k group for 10k. After the workout, we invited Harriers coaches to our place to watch Izumo Ekiden and Chicago Marathon video with Pizza and Coke. Chicago finish, both women and men was spectacular. It was fun afternoon.

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At October 12, 2007, Blogger MilesandMiles said...

I also thought the Women finish was incredible... on the cbs video ( you can just see Adhere flashing in the background as the romanian lady turns the last corner then she only reappears when the camera angle widens and it's too late!
I hope to see you do the same thing at TILM to finish in 2:59:59:99 :-) Arnaud

At October 13, 2007, Blogger mika t. said...

Yeah, that finish was... in a way funny. The Romanian woman must be suffering the regret at least for a month. Feeling sorry for her...


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