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Wednesday, December 20

Speed again!

Despite the terrible Ome sore that is still remaining in my thighs, I went to Oda field this evening (Tuesday) and did the 400m intervals by myself again. Thanks for advices from many people, I decided to take longer rest this time. The plan was to run 400m with 85 sec. and jog 400m. And here is the result.


Although I took such long rest, running 400m with 85 sec. wasn't easy at all. I hope this was meaningful than the last one.

Thursday, December 14


Wednesday track workout. While everyone else was doing 1600 x 4, I did my own workout 400m intervals. A sub-three woman told me about this training when I asked her how I can improve my 5000m time. Many people point out that my 5000m time is too slow compared to my marathon time, so I decided to reinforce my "speed" this month. The plan was to run 400m with 85 seconds then 100m jog for recovery by 10 to 12 times.

First 400m, 75 sec. I just didn't know the pace.
Second one, 88 sec. Already slower than the target pace.
Third one, 92 sec. This is slower than my 800m interval pace.

Then I started to doubt if 100m jog recovery is right. Obviously not. But I tried two more with this set and ran 90 sec. and 91 sec.

OK, it's time to reconsider the plan. I decided to do 200m jog for recovery.

6th, 89 sec. Still not fast at all.
7th, 89 sec. No no.
8th, 96 sec. Cramp!
9th, 104 sec. What's the point?
10th, 93 sec. What really is the point?

Hmmm, I guess this workout was total failure for me. I need more research for it. Any advice is most welcome.

Friday, December 8

Time to start again, but I haven't...

I am going to run Tokyo Marathon in February and only 2 months left. However, I am still reluctant to start training again. I think I am getting fat....Some updates.

Okutama Ekiden
It was fun. The weather was cold and crisp, I enjoyed so much. I love this Okutama area very much.

Wednesday track session 1000m x 6 (5 for me)
I was late and missed the first 1000m, but I ran other 5 heats with satisfying time.
3:44 / 3:43 / 3:47 / 3:45 / 3:46

Kuri at Fukuoka Kokusai
Former Nambanner Kuri ran Fukuoka International Marathon last Sunday and made amazing PB 2h28m! As I read his race report, he tried for all he was worth and literally used up all his energy right by the end of the race, and fainted! I think it's his strength to run a race like that. Just amazing and so respectable.

Namban Bonenkai
Coming tomorrow.