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Saturday, February 10

Time to build up determination.

All the hard 35km runs are over. Test half marathon is done anyway. Now it's time to build up a positive image for the marathon.

To be honest, I have been very soft in spirit during the training period, compare to my previous marathons like Tokyo W's and Nagoya W's. On the other hand, I have run the highest monthly mileage in January. And I don't want to waste this effort, just because of being lack of focus on the race day.

It is said that 95% of marathon result is determined before you start, and I think it's true, but now it's the time to focus on the 5% remainder. Appropreate race pace plan and well controlled diet are crucial, but above all for me, "mental focus" is the main thing now.

My target 3:05:35 is challenging considering my fitness level at the moment, but not impossible, therefore at this point, the determination can be the main factor to actually realise it.



Tuesday, February 6

Quick update.

January monthly mileage was 472.6km in the end. Shame it didn't reach to 500km, but they are only numbers.

I ran Kanagawa Half Marathon on 4 Feb. I was feeling easy with the pace for a 90 min. half marathon until 17km, then suddenly got cramp on my left achilles, then all the way up to calf, then hams, and it made me stop and walk for 1km. Shame, but concidering how I felt until 17km, I am not so disappointed. I know the reason. I had a crazy sleepless week due to work. Nothing I could do about it.

And now I still got some pain in my both achilles. I am very anxious, but still got time to heal before the race. I am trying to be optimistic!!