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Tuesday, January 27

Quick report on Osaka Women's Marathon 09

3h 11s 02s
5k 22:13 / 10k 22:00 / 15k 22:18 / 20k 22:05 / half 1:33:27 / 25k 22:29 / 30k 22:39 / 35k 22:58 / 40k 23:52 / last 2.2k 10:28

This was my 4th fastest time. Sounds mediocre...but I think this is decent result, at least it wasn't embarrassing faliure. Actually I was quite happy yesterday while I still remember the pain at the race. I told myself, "Mika, you did well. 3h 11s is good time. You should be proud of it."

A day after, I am not sure.....


At January 27, 2009, Blogger David Motozo Rubenstein said...

Mika san, OOsaka Oootsukaresama..ohaba is a nice time..i think the course was tough given the 2:23 from Shibui chan..waiting for your long report..omedeto godzilla desu.

At February 14, 2009, Blogger Ewen said...

It is a good time. 3:11:02 is my lifetime PB (1992).


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