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Sunday, June 8

Oshima Triathlon

Just a quick report.

Swim 39:36 (172nd)
Happy to finish within 40 min. At the very latter part, I had a cramp in my right calf and got panicked, but managed to complete with no kick.

Bike 1:17:15 (including transition time, 103rd)
So much fun to pass many people! 3 minute improvement from 2 years ago.

Run 47:30 (64th)
I seemed to have used up legs at the bike leg, and got cramp at my left hams. Lost couple of minutes. But luckily I had a bag of Sports Beans with me and the electrolyte in it helped me to keep going. Time was dissapointing, but I am still glad to complete the race.

Total 2:44:21 (110th out of 212, 9th woman out of 30)
Despite my slow run time, I could finish within my target time 2h45m. I am happy and had so much fun!

All Nambanners did so well. Espacially Chris Flannagan came in 6th overall and Vanessa was in top three overall women. We are so proud of them at the prize giving party. Tri debutant Anthony did great, too! He got sick in the water and had a crash on the bike, but still finished in very good time, 2:43:33.

After the race, we soaked in open air onsen, went to the prize giving party, enjoyed nice self tempra dinner at the hotel, then had a fun at a karaoke place to close such a joyful day.

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Friday, June 6

Future plan.

- November 2008, Tokyo Women's Marathon (target: 3h05m)
- January 2009, Osaka Women's Marathon (target: 3h00m??)
- Summer 2009, first Ironman, Japan or Canada (target: finishing)
- June 2010, Comrades Ultra marathon (target: running all the way and finish)


BTW, I am going to race in Oshima Olympic distance tri tomorrow. Gambaruuu!