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Tuesday, May 20

Boston Marathon Experience.


after (still smiling!)

This is the race report I wrote for Namban list.

Total time: 3h31m46s
5km 23:59
10km 24:16
15km 24:15
20km 24:43
half 1:42:19
25km 25:23
30km 27:32
35km 26:40
40km 25:25
42.2km 10:41

Since I decided to run this marathon as a "fun marathon", I was planning to run 5min/k pace all the way and hopefully finish around 3h30m. 5min/k pace is about 30seconds/k slower than my PB marathon two months ago, so I thought it wouldn't be so difficult although I didn't train much.

But running a marathon is never easy. I should have known it. Until the halfway point, I was feeling OK with slightly faster pace, but after passing famous Wellesley College, I started feeling heavy and slowed down significantly (Enthusiastic Wellesley girls must have sucked up my energy). Around 25km point, it seemed to me that it would take forever to finish. I regretted my attitude, having underestimated a marathon, having done onlyone long run, having eaten and drunk too much, etc.... Now, it became pain, not fun anymore.

Funny thing happened at around 35k, after the last peak of heartbreak hills. I suddenly felt fine and started to pick up the pace again. As I was passing many people who were hitting the wall, including people who passedme a while ago, I felt better and better and kept it to the finish line.

Thus I almost made the planned time, and it was almost fun marathon after all, but it would have been much more fun if I trained a bit more seriously. Ultimately, no training, no fun at marathons, anytime.

Boston experience itself was so great, though. I think tradition and runners' pride made it special. It was a wonderful event, and I want to do it again someday, with better preparation.

BTW, Namban singlet worked well there. During the race, I met one guy called Weyne (not sure about the spelling) Jones who ran Tokyo Marathon this year and he said hi to Gareth and Steve. Also I was hounered to meet the founder of Pettau loop on the course. And Pete, thank you so much for your support. It was a great fun to see you and drink with you, and sing the "Arigato song" together!

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