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Wednesday, July 26

Running with Eric Wainaina.

Last Saturday when I was running alone around the Imperial Palace, I met Eric Wainaina, Eri Hayakawa and their coach Nakajima-san. I was actually runnning clockwise to expect if I could encounter some friends or famous runners and it was bingo!

As I once interviewed Wainaina for Runners Magazine, he somehow remembered me and ran a lap with me!!! He was doing cool down jog after 800m intervals at that time and he said to me it's OK to run at my jog pace, but I tried a bit hard to run faster than my usual jog pace. It was so honoured to run with the 3 time Olympian (bronze at Atlanta, silver at Sydney, 7th in Athens), and he even gave me some advices for my running form. Wainaina-san, arigato!

He will run Hokkaido Marathon this August for his 4th victory there. Let's check it out.

Last week run
Mon: rest
Tue: 17k jog
Wed: 23.6k (10.6k jog in the morning, 13k at the Oda field and out & back jog)
Thu: 10.6k jog
Fri: 10.6k jog
Sat: 17k jog (5k with Wainaina!)
Sun: 17.5k at Kamakura trail (Jay, thanks for organizing)

Week total: 96.3k

Tuesday, July 18

100km week.

After my first triathlon, I started a training programme for an autumn marathon, gradually increasing mileage week by week. And last week was my first 100km week for this time. Tough as the weather has been so hot, but I could manage 106km.

I also ran a track race on Saturday, Yumenoshima nighter track meet, and ran embarrassingly bad time for both 1500m and 5000m, the worst time for these 2 years. It was a hot day (35 degree) but above all my motivation was very poor.

Another 100k weeks to go!!!

Mon: 15k jog
Tue: 10.6k jog
Wed: 14k jog and track workout
Thu: 15k jog
Fri: 17.6k jog
Sat: 13.5k track race and jog
Sun: 21k jog

Week total: 106.7k

Mon: Rest, just too tired!

Monday, July 10








Zidane, Nakata, World Cup...

I woke up at 2:55 am for World Cup final last night. Since I am repeating this lifestyle since the second round tournament, I am extremely short of sleep these days, but especially for the final game, it was worth! Great plays, exciting game and unexpected ending....

Zidane's head-butt was so shocking to witness. I am so curious what Materazzi said to him. If anyone find some article about it, please let me know!!!

I just watched Nakata's exclusive interview on TV. He looked so relaxed, completely different person from him at the world cup games. I understand he finally feels free from his responsibility at soccer world. 29 years old, still young. He may leave soccer behind once, but I kind of feel that he will come back after 10 years or so, after having made glorious achievement in his second career. It's just my guess, but the excitement and contentment he experienced through soccer is so unparalleded and that's what he will miss in the future.

His words about the Japan team this time was impressive. (the words themselves are very inaccurate, though...)

"We were capable, the level of each player was quite high, higher than any other time, just we lacked abitily to go all out. Even we had some good games or good moment in a game, we didn't have ablility to maintain the momentum."

Ability to go all out. It's the issue for runners, too.

Thursday: 7k jog
Friday: 14k jog
Saturday: 20k aerobic
Sunday: 14k aerobic
Week total 86.2k

Monday: 15k jog, no swim...

Sunday, July 9



ナイキの新製品シューズを試し履きできるNIKE CARAVANが行われていたせいか、学生ランナー、社会人上級ランナー、ビギナーランナーとさまざまなタイプのランナーが大集合。レベルは違えどみんな走ることに意欲的で、なんだかとっても楽しそう。ウェアや髪型にこだわるおしゃれなランナーも増えたように思う。




Thursday, July 6

1000mx6 with 4:05 pace.

These days, I am extremely short of sleep because of World Cup Soccer. But Italy vs Germany semifinal was fantastic. Del Piero, he is the hero! I tried to watch Portugal vs France, but I was half sleeping. Christiano Ronald, zannen!

At the Wednesday track workout, I ran 1000m x 6 with 4:05/k pace with sore thighs. Some got faster, some got slower, but mostly OK. It wasn't hot, but very humid evening, and sometimes I had difficulty with breathing.

1 4:02
2 4:06
3 4:02
4 4:04
5 4:09
6 4:01

Monday: 7k slow jog
Tuesday: 10.2k slow jog
Wednesday: 14k (7k slow jog in the morning and 7k at the track)

Monday, July 3








【高山病対策 by Yumiko】

Thursday: 10.2k jog
Friday: 14k jog
Saturday: 20k trecking
Sunday: rest
Week total: 76.2k