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Monday, October 15

34k including Tokyo Women's course.

Last Sunday, I did another long run with Rie, Yuri and Akira.

Started from the National Stadium, followed the course of Tokyo Women's up to Jimbocho, then headed to the Imperial Palace, did 4 laps and came back the same course to the National Stadium Marathon Gate.

This time we didn't really care about the pace, just kept a bit faster than 5min/k until the Yotsuya uphill, since pushing at the hill with tired legs was the purpose for this long run. When the hill started, we tried to run faster, and faster, but I was the one who had to try the hardest perhaps. Yuri seemed easy following me, Rie was looking just OK and Akira passed me at the end of the hill. Anyway, everyone finished strongly at the National Stadium and I was quite happy with it.

Only regret was, I miscalculated the distance. I thought it was 36k altogether but actually it was around 34k.

This made my weekly mileage 103km.

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