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Monday, October 29

39k, failure.

Today's run supposed to be the last long run and the longest run before Tokyo Women's. However, it turned out to be a failure attempt.

I started at the National Stadium with Motozo and ran with pretty good pace (4:50/k) up to 3rd lap of the Imperial Palace, but during the 4th lap, I started to feel heavy on my stomach. Digestion problem! I know the feeling, I have experienced it twice during marathon races. Once I have it, I just can't run anymore. I had to slow down, and then, to walk. I walked and slow-jogged back to the National Stadium. I think I ate breakfast too close to the starting time. Short of sleep for these 3 days might have affected in some way, too. Anyway, my last chance to do a long run was screwed like this. Bad day...

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At October 29, 2007, Blogger Stephen Lacey said...

That's a shame Mika. I'm sorry it didn't go well for you. But I'm sure you'll be fine on the day!

At October 29, 2007, Blogger mika t. said...

I am glad that it wasn't the race day. Eat earlier. Sleep well. Than's important.

At October 29, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mika,
every glitch which happens during training is a good lesson. don't worry, you know how to avoid such things and it will not happen during race day... Head up, everything will fall into place!



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