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Saturday, September 23

Consequence of the Yasso 800.

Since the Yasso 800 on Wednesday, I have been suffering from fatigue and leg strain and only able to do short and easy jogs so far, and missed a hill training. Perhaps I will not be able to do 25k for today, either. I felt good right after the session, but it now seems a bit too much for my body.

For a marathon training, everyone says it's more important to fulfill everyday's training menu than doing well at one training. Moreover, I am running 10km race this Sunday and this is far more important than the Wed track workout.

Well, you never know what is the best point to stop when you do hard training, and at least I was lucky that I didn't get any injury from it (at the moment). And I am still happy that I completed the Yasso in the 3 min group.

I think I will swim today, first time after mid July!


水曜日のYasso 800以来、身体から疲労が抜けない。特に脚の筋肉の張りが著しく、一触即発の様相。「非常にヤバイ」と感じたため、木曜、金曜のトレーニングメニューを変更した。木曜はたいしてスピードを上げない1時間ファルトレック、金曜はさらに落として7kmほどの超スロージョグ。予定していたヒルトレーニングはなし。しかし今日になっても疲労感と脚の張りは抜けていない。



問題は、日曜日の10kmレース(Terry Fox Run)だ。実は、こっちの方が大事なポイントだったのだが。。。本日は走らず、水泳でコンディショニングすることにする。今週はマイレージがぐーんと減るけど、ま、仕方ないや。



At September 23, 2006, Blogger Stephen Lacey said...

It's such a fine line between having a great workout and doing too much. I thought I had a great run in the park on Wednesday (while you were doing Yassos in under 3:00 min) - 20 km with about 10 km at 4:20/km or better, but my back was very sore on Thursday and then I missed running on Friday because it was still sore. And I was definitely tired and overtrained ... poor sleep, feeling tired, low pulse, etc. Luckily I could rest last night and did a slow long run this morning, 32 km. But my legs are complaining to me. Marathon training is surely a balancing act. Hope you have a good long run today and race tomorrow.

At September 23, 2006, Blogger mika t. said...

Thanks Steve. Glad that you recovered from hard run on Wed and get back to your programme. I don't think I will run today, just swim.

At September 23, 2006, Anonymous shimo said...


At September 24, 2006, Blogger mika t. said...



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