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A marathoner / newbie triathlete's training blog.

Thursday, June 29

Disappointing 5k time trial.

I joined monthly regular 5k TT at the track. I needed to run it with 20:25 today, 4:05 per km pace, but what I could manage was disappointing 21:09. The slowest 5k time this year. Hmmm, what's wrong with me?

5k TTでがっくし。_| ̄|○


Monday: Swim 1.7km, jog 7k
Tuesday: jog 14k
Wednesday: 5kTT + 6k jog = 11k

Sunday, June 25

Running with a horde.

To take group pictures for Namban's gererous sponsor Ray Ban, more than 20 members gathered in Yoyogi park this morning. We wore Ray Ban glasses and Namban uniform, and took pictures and ran together. It's fun to run with many people.

As I didn't fulfill my 7.3km duty yesterday, I ran 20.5km instead of 13km. Tired, but OK.

Thursday: 1.5km Swim
Friday: 14km run
Sunday: 20.5km run

Week total: 57.3km

Thursday, June 22

Keeping 4:10/k pace.

Wednesday regular track workout. Today we did 2000m + 1000m + 2000m + 1000m, and I just kept 4m10s pace according to my training plan. It's a bit frustrating to run slightly slower than I actually can, but running 4m10s/k pace for 2000m wasn't as easy as I thought.

Monday 2.3km jog (unscheduled)
Tuesday 7.5km jog
Wednesday 13km track and jogs

Monday, June 19

A sore throat.

After the tri, I caught a cold and have had sore throat for whole one week. Since I started triathlon training, I catch a cold so often, 3 times within 2 and a half months is too much, I think. I wonder why. I train much much less than when I train for a marathon, and I sleep sufficiently these days, so it's hard to say my immune strength is going down because of the triatholon training. Then why? Do I get some infection from the swimming pool water when I swim? Or am I simply getting weaker because of aging? Do I have some another health problem? A bit scary to think about...

Saturday 7.5km jog
Sunday 13.5km aerobic pace
Week total: 43km

Thursday, June 15

Monday 8k, Wednesday 13k.

I came back to the runner's life. As planned, I jogged 8k Monday morning around Gosho area, and did aerobic 13k Wednesday evening in the park with Gareth, Steve and Colin. I will do another 8k Friday and 13k Sunday, no Ooi Futo.

Monday, June 12

The first tri experience.

I am back from Oshima alive, and it was soooooo much fun! I really enjoyed this pack of assorted aerobic sports.

OK, to tell you the truth, the swim part wasn't easy for me. The ocean was quite rough and I really wanted to run away when I was waiting at the starting area, and even though the distance was cut in half from 1500m to 750m, I had some life-threatening moments in the water, not physically, but psychologically. It was so scary to think how far I was from the shore and how deep the sea I was swimming in. Many experienced triathletes told me about kicks and slaps you get in the water when you are in a crowd, but for me, it's more comfortable to have people around me so that I can feel I am not the only crazy person who dare to swim in this rough sea. I some how managed to finish my swim part with 22:25 / 188th out of 223. I was surprised that I wasn't the last one.

The 40km bike part was the most enjoyable for me. The course wasn't so hilly, but there were some hills and curves I really enjoyed. As I wrote in my blog before the race, I cycled hard and try to catch people in front of me one by one. Though I felt I need to learn the right gears at some parts, I am quite happy about my bike time 1:20:55 (incl. transit time) / 133rd. I was actually aiming for 80-90min range for the bike part, and without transition time, it was approximately 73min. I know I took so long at the transition. I rediscovered how disorganized I am.

I had some sort of pressure about my run part as a runner. I set 45 to 50 min as my target time range, but I had no idea how fast I could run after swimming and cycling. The 10k actually was totally different experience. My legs were feeling very funny and awkward at the first couple of kms, I felt as if I was a puppet or a robot. I simply couldn't go any faster. But when I got used to the feeling, I started to enjoy passing people. I passed 22 people and finished with 45:55 / 70th / 120th overall.

I have no idea if my oveall time 2:29:15 is slow or fast, but I can say, I enjoyed this new experience. I think I want to do it again sometime.

At last, I would like to thank Taeko-san, Mami-chan, Kanako-chan, David, Gary, Akira-kun and Stuart for sharing this great race experience with me. Arigato!

Overall time: 2:29:15
Overall place: 120th out of 223
Women category: 7th out of 40
Swim lap (750n): 22:25 / 188th
Bike lap (40km + transit time): 1:20:55 / 133rd
Run lap (10km): 45:55 / 70th

Thursday, June 8

2days to go.

Only 2 days to go before my first tri race. A bit nervous, but since I position it as a "holiday race", I am not so nervous about the race itself. I am rather anxious about packing so many triathlon equipments, as I am extremely disorganised person. I think I have to make triple check before I leave home...Weather seems to be rain. I am OK as long as it won't get windy.

My target times and strategies.

Swim: 40min. Try to survive. Never mind even if I become the last one.
Bike: 80-90min. Just go and go and go. Never worry about the run part, never try to save energy for the run part. Just go flat out!
Run: 45-50min. Do the best I can do as a runner.

At the Namban dinner yesterday, Gary gave me these words to encourage me.

"Mika, do not die."

Thanks, I'll try my best.



スイム1.5km: 40分(とにかくサバイブ。ビリでも気にしない)
バイク40km: 80-90分(ランに力を残すことを考えず、ガンガン飛ばす!)
ラン10km: 45-50分(残ってる力を全部出す)



◎My training log so far since the last update.

Tue. 30 May
10.6km jog around Akasaka Palace

Wed. 31 May
5000m TT (20'56) and 6km jog
TT time was the slowest in this one year. _| ̄|○

Sat. 3 June
14km jog around Akasaka Palace
Wetsuit swim at Yoyogi pool, about 1km

Sun. 4 June
36km bike & 9k run at Ooi Futo with Westy people.

Mon. 5 June
Swim squad at Tokyo Taiikukan pool. 1.6km

Wed. 7 June
800m x 6 (2:58 / 3:00 / 2:58 / 2:58 / 3:03 / 3:04).
some jog in the park