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Sunday, November 26

Report on Tokyo Women's.

Sorry about this belated post. A week passed since I ran my third Tokyo International Women's Marathon. I am very pleased to have achieved 3:10:07, a new PB by 51 seconds.

I started my training 2 months earlier than usual year and spent whole summer running 100k per week to aim at 3hour marathon. However I realised that my target was a bit too ambitious for this time and 2 weeks prior to the race I finally decided to change my race plan.

Rather than setting a concrete target time, I set target paces that escalate at 10k, 30k and 40k points. 4:30/k for the first 10k, 4:25/k from 10k to 30k, 4:20/k from 30k to 40k, then 4:15/k for the last 2.2k. As the result of these paces, my time would reach 3:06:01 and more encouragingly I would be able to run a negative split marathon.

I know usually things don't go as you planned especially in a marathon, but I was curious if the slow first 10k can really contribute to the faster 2nd half and how my high mileage training would affect to the race result.

●Start - 10km
As usual, running slow at the first 10k in a marathon required enormous patience. I actually ran a bit faster than planned pace, but considering the long downhill at around 3k, I think I did well.

●10 - 25km
I allowed myself to increase the pace by 5 seconds per k, but still needed to be patient to curb myself.

●25 - 30km
The weather got really discouraging now. The rain got harder and we even had to fight with headwind and the cold. I passed more and more people, but the pace wasn't easy for me anymore and I couldn't help slowing down bit by bit.

●30 - 40km
I was supposed to speed up from 30km, but I finally realized that my target pace was an armchair plan. Yes, now I remember what it was like after 30km in a marathon, especially in this Tokyo course! I abandoned my unrealistic pace target and just concentrated on keeping on going. Because of dreadful weather and notorious long uphill around 38 to 39km, so many runners were slowing down. I only kept my motivation by catching them one by one.

●40 - Finish
I was exhausted after the Yotsuya hill, I was cold because of heavy rain and wind, but somehow I could feel some energy left in me. When I turned Yotsuya 3 chome crossing, I started to race again. I enjoyed passing nearly 10 runners and sprinting finish at the end. It was a bit disappointing to see the clock changed from 3h09's to 3h10's just in front of me, though.

Here are my splits this time.

5k 22:16
10k 44:40 (22:24)
15k 1:06:42 (22:02)
20k 1:28:46 (22:04)
Half 1:33:38
25k 1:50:54 (22:08)
30k 2:13:38 (22:44)
35k 2:36:35 (22:57)
40k 3:00:21 (23:46)
42.2k 3:10:07 (9:46)

Although my target pace plan wasn't fulfilled, and I was 7 seconds short for next digit, I am quite happy about my race this time. I could run solid 3h10m marathon under the harsh weather condition and at the tough Tokyo course. This fact gave me confidence for the future. And I feel that my high mileage training worked. I felt much much stronger at the 2nd half compared to the last year's Tokyo Women's experience.

I would like to thank all of you who supported me at the roadside and also who sent me encouraging messages. You supplied me huge energy while I was running. Last of all, huge thanks to Brett who gave me full training programme and inspiring advice. I learned a lot from that.

My next marathon will be Tokyo Marathon in February. I am looking forward to running it with many Namban fellows.

Monday, November 20

Very quick report of Tokyo Women's Marathon.

3:10:07, 51 second PB.

0-5k 22:14
-10k 44:39 (22:25)
-15k 1:06:40 (22:01)
-20k 1:28:44 (22:04)
Half 1:33:36
-25k 1:50:52 (22:06)
-30k 2:13:37 (22:45)
-35k 2:36:33 (22:56)
-40k 3:00:19 (23:46)
-42.2k 3:10:07 (9:46)

Many thanks to all who supported us at the roadside and sent me encouraging messages. Under the harsh weather condition, your support literally kept me going through to the finish line.

Detailed report will follow in a few days.

Tuesday, November 7

The verdict.

The final race pace run at Tamagawa on Sunday turned out to be a fiasco. I couldn't keep the planned pace until the end of the 10k mark while I was trying to run 25k. I talked to coach Brett, and we finally verdicted that I am not ready for the primary target and need to set the realistic target. Fine. I am rather relieved than disappointed somehow.

Nevertheless, I will run for my new PB in the race. Gambarimasu. :-)

◎Last week's training

Mon: 7.3k jog
Tue: no run
Wed: 1000m x 6 + jog, 14k total
Thu: 10k jog
Fri: 16k aerobic run
Sat: 2k + 2k + 1k @ 4:15 pace
Sun: Failed pace run, 21k total

Week total 75.7k

Thursday, November 2

1000m x 6.

I did much better than expected. I feel better now.

3:42 / 3:47 / 3:48 / 3:47 / 3:47 / 4:10 (got cramp)