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Thursday, July 6

1000mx6 with 4:05 pace.

These days, I am extremely short of sleep because of World Cup Soccer. But Italy vs Germany semifinal was fantastic. Del Piero, he is the hero! I tried to watch Portugal vs France, but I was half sleeping. Christiano Ronald, zannen!

At the Wednesday track workout, I ran 1000m x 6 with 4:05/k pace with sore thighs. Some got faster, some got slower, but mostly OK. It wasn't hot, but very humid evening, and sometimes I had difficulty with breathing.

1 4:02
2 4:06
3 4:02
4 4:04
5 4:09
6 4:01

Monday: 7k slow jog
Tuesday: 10.2k slow jog
Wednesday: 14k (7k slow jog in the morning and 7k at the track)


At July 06, 2006, Blogger lukeg said...

Your blog is very inspirational! (I can't read Japanese, unfortunately, but the English bits are nice enough XD) Keep going with it!

I wish I was capable of running that much, but unfortunately I'm a lazy American and that isn't very condusive to running! :P


At July 06, 2006, Blogger mika t. said...

Hello Luke, thanks for your comment. Am glad you enjoyed my blog.Hope you will come back sometime.


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