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Thursday, June 8

2days to go.

Only 2 days to go before my first tri race. A bit nervous, but since I position it as a "holiday race", I am not so nervous about the race itself. I am rather anxious about packing so many triathlon equipments, as I am extremely disorganised person. I think I have to make triple check before I leave home...Weather seems to be rain. I am OK as long as it won't get windy.

My target times and strategies.

Swim: 40min. Try to survive. Never mind even if I become the last one.
Bike: 80-90min. Just go and go and go. Never worry about the run part, never try to save energy for the run part. Just go flat out!
Run: 45-50min. Do the best I can do as a runner.

At the Namban dinner yesterday, Gary gave me these words to encourage me.

"Mika, do not die."

Thanks, I'll try my best.



スイム1.5km: 40分(とにかくサバイブ。ビリでも気にしない)
バイク40km: 80-90分(ランに力を残すことを考えず、ガンガン飛ばす!)
ラン10km: 45-50分(残ってる力を全部出す)



◎My training log so far since the last update.

Tue. 30 May
10.6km jog around Akasaka Palace

Wed. 31 May
5000m TT (20'56) and 6km jog
TT time was the slowest in this one year. _| ̄|○

Sat. 3 June
14km jog around Akasaka Palace
Wetsuit swim at Yoyogi pool, about 1km

Sun. 4 June
36km bike & 9k run at Ooi Futo with Westy people.

Mon. 5 June
Swim squad at Tokyo Taiikukan pool. 1.6km

Wed. 7 June
800m x 6 (2:58 / 3:00 / 2:58 / 2:58 / 3:03 / 3:04).
some jog in the park


At June 09, 2006, Anonymous shimo said...


At June 09, 2006, Blogger Keren_m said...

Good luck! Enjoy the race and have fun!!!

At June 09, 2006, Blogger mika t. said...

Shoji-san and Keren, thank you so much. I hope the weather will get any better than this...


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