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Thursday, June 29

Disappointing 5k time trial.

I joined monthly regular 5k TT at the track. I needed to run it with 20:25 today, 4:05 per km pace, but what I could manage was disappointing 21:09. The slowest 5k time this year. Hmmm, what's wrong with me?

5k TTでがっくし。_| ̄|○


Monday: Swim 1.7km, jog 7k
Tuesday: jog 14k
Wednesday: 5kTT + 6k jog = 11k


At June 29, 2006, Blogger Stephen Lacey said...

Theres's nothing wrong with you except that it was too hot/humid and you are not at the peak of fitness like in marathon training. You can't expect to stay at the same level all the time. Every day your fitness is either getting up or going down. It never stays constant. And it is impossible to compare a 5k run at 26 degrees/80% RH with one run at 14 degrees. Don't be too hard on yourself and just enjoy the running in summer and forget about the times.

At June 29, 2006, Anonymous shimo said...


At June 30, 2006, Blogger mika t. said...

Thanks, Steve. You are right. I was just too concious about time, but as you say, now it's time to buid a base. I will keep running anyway.


At July 02, 2006, Blogger aya said...

落ちている。。。暑い香港では日本のように距離が稼げないし、平坦な場所がないからトレールばかりの練習になってる。ヤバイ。。。。今年も1本フルを走る予定but 42Kmは私のdistanceではないと思うので、Boston Mの参加資格3:40狙いでeasy run?! 夏の練習で、怪我をしなければ11月に
ある100km Trail wakerにも参加予定。夏は、短い距離+MTB 3-5時間ライドで乗り切る予定。 どうかしら?

At July 03, 2006, Blogger mika t. said...

aya, 暑い香港はホントに大変そうだね。でも、山で鍛えた脚は長い目で見ると絶対マラソンに役立つと思う。3時間40分は超楽勝だと思うけど、タイムより何より楽しく完走、という体験が必要だよね、ayaには。MTBいいなあ、楽しそう。エクステラとかやってみれば?

At July 06, 2006, Anonymous りえどん said...


At July 06, 2006, Blogger mika t. said...



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