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Friday, June 6

Future plan.

- November 2008, Tokyo Women's Marathon (target: 3h05m)
- January 2009, Osaka Women's Marathon (target: 3h00m??)
- Summer 2009, first Ironman, Japan or Canada (target: finishing)
- June 2010, Comrades Ultra marathon (target: running all the way and finish)


BTW, I am going to race in Oshima Olympic distance tri tomorrow. Gambaruuu!



At June 08, 2008, Blogger Christian said...

sounds like an ambitious plan - but achievable
good luck, ganbare!

At June 10, 2008, Blogger mika t. said...

Thanks Christian. I can be ambitious because it's a way way ahead. But it's good to have some target in you mind anyway.


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