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Saturday, September 29

Effect of training camp.

Last weekend, I joined Harriers (A membership running team that former Namban speedster Taro runs) training camp in Kurumayama, Nagano. We did nothing but running, sleeping and eating for 3 days.

The total mileage we ran for 3 days is over 80km at 1600m altitude. It was a bit too much for my injured part (right quad), but somehow I could survive without any serious injury, which was good.

This week, I am enjoying the effect of this training camp. When I did a 10k build-up run at the track on Wednesday, I could successfully build up the pace up to 4:03/k and felt OK. Today, I again joined Harriers 20k pace run and easily managed to run with 4:35 pace, I could even speed up to 3:55 pace at the end.

Perhaps the altitude difference is one of the factors why I feel easier at the higher pace. I hope this effect will last as long as possible, preferably until mid November!


At September 29, 2007, Blogger MilesandMiles said...

isnt it dangerous to run so much in 3 days ? glad to see you are in such great shape with TIWM approching!

At September 29, 2007, Blogger mika t. said...

I was a bit worried at first, and perhaps it was very close to the dangerous point. But on the other hand, we did, literally, nothing but running and resting, we took a nap after every workout, and I think it worked well for some sort of recovery.

Namban should plan training camps sometime!


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