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Tuesday, August 21

Bye-bye, bike.

After quite a bit of struggle, I finished packing my bike on Sunday afternoon, and today sent it out to Suzu. Since packing and sending my bike has been a real headache to me, I am so relieved now. But another headache is....I have to reassemble it before the race! I hope my expert fellow Keren, Jay and Stuart will help me.

◎Wednesday, 15
Run: easy 5.5k in the morning
14.2 in the evening, at the track incl. 1200m/600m/1200m/600m/1200m/600m intervals

◎Thursday, 16
Run: 7.9k to and from Tokyo Gym.
Swim: 1.2k (100m intervals)

◎Friday, 17
Run: 15.5k at Yoyogi park, aerobic

◎Saturday, 18
Swim: 60min open water swim in Kamakura
Run: 100min trail run in Kamakura

◎Sunday, 19
Run: 20.3 at Yoyogi park

●Weekly mileage: 98.9k

◎Monday, 20
Complete rest because of sore throat

◎Tuesday, 21
Run: 11.5k fartlek at Yoyogi park
Swim: 1.1k at Olympic center (100m x 6 with 30 sec rest)


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