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Saturday, September 1

Coming back to runner's life.

The tri experience left me glorious memory. Now, I quickly have to shift to runner's training programme.

This morning, I ran 31km. This is the first over 30k since London Marathon in April. I started around 6:30am. The weather was perfectly cool with a little bit of rain. I ran through Yoyogi park, Harajuku, National Stadium area, Akasaka Palace, 3 laps of the Imperial Palace, then came back with the same route.

I ran about 5:40 to 5:11/km pace and felt OK till the end. Good.

I came across Gareth and Katakura-san in Yoyogi park when I came back.

◎Tuesday, 21 Aug.
Run: 11.5k fartlek at Yoyogi Park
Swim: 1.1k

◎Wednesday, 22 Aug.
Run: 5.5k in the morning at Yoyogi Park
15.2k in the evening at Oda field, 1200/1200/1000/1000/800/800 5:00/4:58/3:56/4:01/3:19/3:05

◎Thursday, 23 Aug.
Run: 5.8k jog

◎Friday, 24 Aug.
Run: 6k jog
Swim: 1k

◎Sunday, 26 Aug.

●Weekly mileage (run)

◎Tuesday, 28 Aug.
Run: 11.5k

◎Wednesday, 29 Aug.
Run: 5.5k in the morning at Yoyogi Park, 14.6k in the evening at Oda field (5k TT 21:24 total, 4:37/4:24/4:16/4:11/4:06)

◎Thursday, 30 Aug.
Run: 10.5k at Yoyogi Park

◎Friday, 31 Aug.
Run: 10.3k around the neighbourhood

●Monthly mileage for August (run)

◎Saturday, 1 Sep.
Run: 31km

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