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Monday, August 13

Hakuba weekend.

I went to Hakuba (north Alps) for family reunion. I was expecting nice, cool weather there, but actually it was very hot.

Saturday, we went up to Happo-one (ridge). We went up by ropeway and ski lift and then my brother and I decided to go further up. We left our parents , sister-in-low and 3 year old nephew there and started speed trekking. When we almost reached the top of Karamatsu-dake, we decided to return because we realised we kept them wait too long. It took 3 hours return and they were very angry when we got there. Only my nephew Goro looked happy because he had good one hour nap in the fresh mountain air.

Sunday, I decided to go out for run by myself, I was hoping to do a nice trail running but I couldn't find any trail around the hotel I stayed, so I reluctantly started to run up the mountain roads that completely exposed to the sun. I would say Yoyogi park course has much more shade than this. After 2h 20m run, I got worn out and decided to stop. Hakuba supposed to be a place to escape from the heat. Why is it so hot here? Is it the global warming or just because it's summer?

This week not much swimming and no bike at all.

◎Friday, 10th
Run: 14k at Gosho course
(Skipped swimming)

◎Saturday, 11th
3 hour trekking at Happo-one (say, 1ok)

◎Sunday, 12th
Run: 20k at Hakuba road (hills).

●Weekly mileage (for run)



At August 13, 2007, Blogger Keren_m said...

Summer = heat. The way it has always been before this global warming panic thing started!

At August 13, 2007, Blogger MilesandMiles said...

wow your running mileage is impressive!96k + all the cross training makes for a very solid conditionning... I read in RW that 1h of cross training = 5k!
Good luck

At August 14, 2007, Blogger mika t. said...

Keren, true. But I didn't expect this hot out there. We really have to prepare for the heat in Suzu!

Arnaud, I have no idea how to convert cross training to running mileage. Is there any good website to look at? As for last week I only did 600m swim and nothing else...


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