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Wednesday, January 18








5km race pace run. No pain.

As a result, I had a whole 1 week complete rest. In addition to my hip joint problem, my crazy work situation was another reason. Well, it's not so difficult to get in 1 hour to run in a day, but my brain just couldn't accept two things at the same time when the thing gets really crazy.

Today, I did a pace run at the track with 1m46s pace for a lap (400m), which is exactly 4m25s per km pace, with Jay who trains for IM and needs to gain mileage rather than speed. I was going to stop whenever I feel pain in my problem part, but I could complete 5km with no pain. Good sign! The pace wasn't as easy as I expected, but I am anyway relieved with the fact that I don't have the problem any more. I think I should continue this type of pace run until the race, but perhaps shorter distance.

Strangely this time, I am not nervous at all for my next marathon race. I am a sort of too relaxed and actually need to be a bit more focused, since running a marathon is always tough thing. Even if you are the best in shape, you also need to be mentally prepared to face the tough part. I feel I haven't been mentally ready yet this time.

◎Today's distance: 5km with race pace and 2.4km jog


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