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Wednesday, January 4





1本目 3:53
2本目 3:55
3本目 3:50
4本目 3:53
5本目 3:55
6本目 3:51

ディナーはPizza Express。久々に、マイケル・グレンが合流。今はヨガにハマっているそうで、今度ランナー向けのヨガクラスを開催してくれるそうだ。しかも私の自宅のすぐ近くのヨガスタジオで。ということで、2006年はヨガ元年になるかも。楽しみ。

Wed. 1000m×6, not too hot.

Namban's regular track workout, starting from regular sento in Yoyogi Hachiman, but I didn't see many regular sento members there. Headed for Yoyogi park with Keren and Rob, the new sento member, and did 2 laps of 3.14k combo loop, then went to the track to do 1000m x 6 workout.

Track was also quite empty, but we had good numbers of Namban runners with some new guys. My times at the interval session were unspectacular at all, I could never make under 3:50. I was feeling heavy during the run and I think I gained a couple of kilos from eating too much during new year holiday. My over 100km week might have affected a bit as well.

At the dinner, I saw Michael G. after a long time and he is now very much into Yoga. I decided to take his Yoga class with some other Namban people. This IS something new! Can't wait for the first session.

◎Distance: 15km


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