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Thursday, December 29







Wed. Running twice a day.

Wednesday, I ran twice for the first time. According to Yoshiko's advice it has a lot of benefit for marathon training.

In the (late) morning, I jogged 4 laps of Arisugawa Park 2km loop near my place. In the evening, I ran 5000m TT at Oda field, plus warming up jog in the park with Keren and Martin V.

At 5000m TT, first I tried to make under 20min, but I had a stomack ache in the middle of run, slowed down a lot, and made PW (private worst) in this year...over 21min. I think it's because of this stupid sushi I ate at 3pm... Well, sushi is not stupid, I was stupid... Rie did really well. She passed me at around 4km, and speeded up more and more and made her PB! Great run!

◎Today's distance: 18.4km


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