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Friday, December 23








Lap1 15:23
Lap2 15:24
Lap3 15:23
Lap4 15:10
Lap5 15:06
Lap6 15:17
Lap7 15:49
Lap8 15:47
Lap9 15:20
Total Time: 2:18:43

Akasaka Palace, 30km Time Trial.

Today, I joined a 30km Time Trial at Akasaka Palace (Gosho) with Jingu AC. I took this one very important run for Osaka International, therefore I came home last night quite early (before midnight, I mean) from work Bonenkai and tried to get good sleep. Actually, this was my first 30km run since Tokyo International, moreover I had never done 30km run with race pace at this very hilly Gosho course. If you do 30km at this course, which is 9 laps, you have to face 18 hills! So I was very nervous about it.

During the run, I tried to follow a man with good pace, up to 20km. After the first lap, I realized that the pace was way faster than I had in mind before, but felt OK, so decided to try and see, and it turned out OK. Although I slowed down a bit at 7th and 8th lap while I was running alone, I am pretty happy about having been able to run strongly until the end. I leant that you don't always have to be conservative about the pace at long runs.

It was a satisfying run that gives me a confidence for Osaka.

◎Today's distance: 30km


At December 26, 2005, Blogger Stephen Lacey said...

Mika, sensational run! Excellent confidence boost and great training stimulus. Keep up the wonderful work.

At December 26, 2005, Blogger mika t. said...

Thank you, Steve. I am planniing to execute 2 more over 30km (hopefully 35km) runs and one trail run before the race. Hope it will turn out OK, too.


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