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Saturday, December 31






Friday, aerobic 32km.

Friday, I joined Brett who is trying to do 220km per week and runs over 30km everyday this week. We did 32km course from Ikejiri Ohashi station to Inokashira Park return.

The course was very interesting, great for relaxed long runs. We ran through promenades along or above the rivers, backstreets of residential area and sometimes crossed stations and big streets.

We ran at around 5 minutes per km pace all the way and it was actually very easy, much easier than I expected for over 30km run. I enjoyed it so much.

Over a lunch, I interviewed Brett about marathon pace planning, since he has done 3 successful PB marathons with negative splits. According to him, the key factor is slow pace at the first half, but he also warned me "It will take a lot of time to figure out the right pace, it took me more than 10 marathons." He is right. If you start too slow, you may make negative splits but won't make PB. At Tokyo Women's, I ran first half with very conservative pace, but still had to struggle to survive after 35km. Someday, I want to run a race that I can "race" after 35km, not just "survive". At next race Osaka, I will try to be a bit more adventurous, but haven't decided if it's at the first half or the second half yet...

◎Today's distance: 32km


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