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Monday, December 26






Sukiyaki Christmas.

On Christmas Day, Satohi, Taeko, Ma and me had a small girlie event named "Sukiyaki Christmas". It all started from my desire to go to a Yakitori bar "Iseya" in Kichijoji. It is a landmark of Kichijoji and my favorite place, I used to go there very often when I was living this area. Great place for yakitori and some other meat dishes, extremely cheap (80yen for one yakitori), lively atmosphere, prompt and hardworking people and nice old Japanese wooden architecture. I hadn't been there for long time, but since I heard a romour that it's going to be torn down due to its age, I thought I have to go!

To make my purely appetite related desire more civilized, we decided to put some running part beforehand. We did 16km run along Tamagawa Josui and Koganei Koen, and got cleaned and changed at a sento, then headed to "Iseya".

We had Sukiyaki (1,500yen per person), Yakitoris, some other foods, lots of beer and shochu as well as plenty of girlie gossipy talk talk talk! Was fun.

Before we left Iseya, I asked a waitress when this building will be torn down. After giving a slightly comfused face, she answered me " well, we are not sure yet about when and how, and we will stay the same at least 2 or 3 more years anyway".

Mmm, my misinformation. But it means we can come back here. Good!

◎Today's distance: 16km


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At December 27, 2005, Blogger Stephen Lacey said...

How come you called it Sukiyaki Christmas when you actually ate yakitori? Anyway, sounds like fun and I wish I was there, even if I'm not a girlie. You are running so well at the moment Mika, and in thsi cold weather too. Well done!

At December 27, 2005, Blogger mika t. said...

Steve, we ate Sukiyaki as well as yakitori. Anyway I want to do it again and please join us next time.


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