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Monday, December 12





lap1 24:18
lap2 22:03
lap3 22:02
lap4 22:47
lap5 22:40


Sunday, 25km at the Palace.

Freezing Sunday, I went to the Palace for 25km long run with Yoshiko, Taeko, Satohi, Ma and Martin, instead of joining Namban regular Yoyoyogi park run.

It's been only a week since I started serious marathon program, so I decided to run only 25km, but tried to keep a decent pace. After an aeropic lap (24:18/5k), I ran 2 laps(22:03 and 22:02) with Martin who was running a bit faster pace than I was planning, but I felt OK so I just followed him. At 4th(22:47) and 5th(22:40) laps without Martin, I slowed down a bit but it was still within the planned pace.

Lunch and beer at Tokyo station afterwards.

◎Today's distance: 25km


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