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Saturday, November 3

25km pace run and US olympic trial.

I did 25km pace run at the Palace with Harriers group. I joined 4:40/k group but I kind of wanted to run faster, I took off at 2km and ran by myself to the finish. Still there are many runners running around the Palace and I tried to keep the pace by targeting and catching up one by one. My laps were: 23:25/22:08/21:56/21:56/21:53
I felt OK till the end. Happy with it.

Today is the day of the US olympic marathon trial and Brett and I were so much looking forward to watching it via the Internet. However, we found out that the Internet broadcasting was blocked for international viewers. We got shocked. Especially Brett did, and he spent almost an hour to find out the way to break the block, and finally, he found the link to a (sort of) independent broadcasting site! Thank God! Thank Brett!

We could watch more than half of the race was great! Not only witnessing Ryan Hall's brilliant victory, whole race was so dramatic. It was just like we were watching a sport movie. The result was:

1. Ryan Hall
2. Dathan Ritzenheim
3. Brian Sell
4. Khalid Khannouchi
5. Jason Lehmulke


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At November 04, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

great workout. What a run!
You beat me today. I was running 25k as well but slower than you ;-)

Enjoy your taper.
You can look forward to Tokyo Marathon,


At November 04, 2007, Blogger mika t. said...

Joachim, thank you. Yes, that was my last hard run. Hope I will taper well.


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