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Wednesday, July 25

Jelly fish sting.

Last Sunday, I joined Kamakura open water swim with Jay and Keren. As soon as we started, two experts swam away and immediately went out of my sight. They were so fast. I felt I was swimming backwards....So I never had a chance to actually swim with them, but I swam some distance anyway.

Still it was good to experience open water, it's been more than a year since last time I swam in the sea (Oshima tri 2006).

Next morning, I realised that I got stung by something. My feet are covered with numerous red spots and they are super itchy! I remember I had some electric-like shock when I was in the water. Must be jelly fish! Ahhh it's so itchy and looks really ugly!

OW swim: ??km

◎Weekly mileage

Run: 10.5k

Run: 5.5k

Run: 13k (Incl. 5000m TT, time was very slow)

Run: 8.5k
Swim: 1.3k


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