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Monday, July 16

Okutama after typhoon.

Keren and I went out for a bike ride in Okutama. This time, we started from Musashi-Itsukaichi station and rode over Kazehari Toge and down to just before Okutama lake, then turned back. I had a flat tyre and thanks to master Keren, I learned how to fix it. It was a good hard ride. After coming back, I left my bike and luggage at home and went to Yoyogi Park to run. I met Adam Y. there, the second time for today!

Bike: 88km with big hills.
Run: 10km at Yoyogi koen.

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At July 17, 2007, Blogger Keren_m said...

Thanks! It was a great ride, especially as we pushed it on the way back to the station. I also ran after I got home, but only for 30 minutes.


At July 17, 2007, Blogger mika t. said...

Thanks for teaching me how to fix the flat, and telling me the non-mamachari style without tube caps! The ride was harder than I felt yesterday and I am suffering the damage from it today. I skipped swim and am having complete rest. Nevertheless, let's do it again during the summer.


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