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Sunday, July 15

Learning "Total Immersion".

I borrowed Total Immersion DVD from Stuart and watched it Friday night. Before I watched, I though it would be like Billy's Boot Camp for swimmers, but actually it was totally different. It was the method to tell you how to feel natural and relaxed in the water and how to swim with minimum water registance. It's nice just to watch actually because they swim so beautifully. Keren told me that his friend improved his time by only watching the DVD and now I can believe it. Imprinting the image of ideal swimming form is useful. But a beginner like me needs something more than that, and I was wondering how to acually learn this method. While I was watching the DVD, I tried it on the floor, but it didn't really work.

Saturday was my first come back day for Shiraishi-san's swim lesson after more than 1 year. I told him my desparate situation and asked him to teach me the form. I wasn't sure what he was going to teach me but it turned out that he teaches TI method! Good! He taught me all the basics and it was very useful for me. I am alreadly feeling better in the water!

Sunday, after running 10k with Steve at Yoyogi park, I ran to Olympic Center and swam in the pool. Try to drill the TI method. I can't do it perfectly after only 1 hour lesson, but I feel the difference now.

BTW, Shiraishi-san is organizing this swim squad Saturday evening at Yoyogi Taiikukan swimming pool. If you just want to join the intervals, it costs 1,000yen, and if you want to learn TI from him, costs 2,000yen. If you are interested, please let me know.

Run: Easy 8k at Yoyogi park
Swim: TI lesson at Yoyogi pool

Run: Easy 12k at Yoyogi park
Swim: 2k at Olympic center

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At February 02, 2014, Blogger Marek Czajkowski said...

Hi There - I was wondering if you could tell me how to contact your TI teacher (Shiraishi-san)? I have decided to attempt the Miyazaki Triathlon this year (first triathlon ever) and have found out that I really need to learn how to swim properly!
could you please send me an email to ?? Thanks!


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