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Saturday, July 21

To train in the moring.

It's always hard for me to secure evening time for training. Therefore I used to train in the midnight. But I realised that it's far more stressful and in the first place unhealthy. Now I try to train in the morning (morning for me means anytime before noon).

Recently I have been successful in training in the morning time, before breakfast, and I realised that it's really effective to lose weight! I often run 5 to 10km then go to swim straight after and recently I lost more than 3kg. As I lost weight, I feel better and more motivated. I think morning training has much more benefit than you think.

Run: 5km slow

Run: 11km upper aerobic at Yoyogi Park
Swim: 1.8km at Olympic Centre

Run: 15km at Yoyogi Park
Swim: Form lesson



At July 24, 2007, Blogger MilesandMiles said...

I am in the same situation... i love the idea of training in the morning before work, get it out of the way, etc... but i have a VERY hard time getting up early... It requires such an extreme expanditure of willpower!! However when i manage to extract myself out of the bed i feel great the whole day!!! My goal would be to run twice a day a few days a week ...
Good luck !!

At July 24, 2007, Blogger MilesandMiles said...

I also like your definition of "morning" ...!!

At July 24, 2007, Blogger mika t. said...

Maybe the reason why I lost weight was simply because I combined breakfast to lunch....My definition of morning can be anytime befor breakfast then.

At July 28, 2007, Blogger Ewen said...

I find it harder to train in the morning rather than the moring ;)

I like any time after noon, but before midnight.


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