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Wednesday, March 29





3回目は3月27日月曜日。雑誌『ランナーズ』の取材で高尾トレイルラン。平日の山は実に空いてて最高っす。小仏の登山口から入って、影信、明王峠、そして陣馬の山頂まで行き、戻らずに陣馬の湯の方へ降りていくコース。撮影が主だったので、実際走った距離は10kmちょっと。急な登りは全部早歩き。ハイキングみたいなトレイルランだった。そんなわけで私は4月22日売りの『ランナーズ誌』に登場してしまいます。これまで仕事での“顔出し”は極力避けてきたのだが、ここのところ生き方のパラダイム転換期を迎えていて、なんでもやってみる姿勢にシフトしたのだ。Life is short. なにごとも経験だ。


Post Nagoya.

I have only run 3 times since Nagoya International. One is Tamako Ekiden. Namban girl team "Pizza Margarita" won silver medal, as usual. I combined the race with 70km bike ride. When I got home, I was very tired. Saturday 25 March, I did super relaxed 10km jog. Last Monday, I went to Takao for an article for Runners Magazine. Mostly photo shooting purpose, so we only ran 10km or so, walked and stopped so many times. Anyway, I will be on Runners Magazine June issue released on 22 April. I didn’t like to be in the media and tried to avoid it as much as I could, but recently I shifted my attitude. Life is short. Why not trying something different?

My quads are very sore today from only 10km of relaxed trail jog. Hmmm, I start doubting if I can complete 30km trail race coming Sunday.


At March 29, 2006, Blogger Stephen Lacey said...

Hey Mika, I didn't realize you are registered in Ome trail run. That's great news. There must be at least 5 or 6 of us.

At March 29, 2006, Blogger Keren_m said...

You will do just fine on Sunday. Just think of it as a fun run!

And actually there are 13 Nambanners doing Ome, that I know of. Will send out an email, in a day or so about trains and meeting place stuff.

At March 29, 2006, Blogger mika t. said...

Hi Steve and Keren. 13 people! Wow! It's going to be a huge Namban domination over Ome. Looking forward to it.


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