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Sunday, January 22






Facing the reality. 10km race pace run.

I needed to run. I needed to run 10km race pace run today, since yesterday's Komazawa run was canceled due to snow. I was wavering until the last minutes if I go to the Palace to run with other Nambanners or National Stadium to run alone, then decided to go for the solo run in National Stadium.

There is a roofed corridor around National Stadium and I paid 1,200yen to use that course because I didn't want to run on the slippery road surface around the Palace.

I tried to keep 4:25/k pace, but it was actually hard. I was 2 or 3 seconds behind at every lap (400m). So now I might have to reconsider the race pace plan. 4:25/k pace is the one I planned for sub 3h10m marathon. At Tokyo, I felt so easy at 4:30 pace at the first half, so I thought I can run 4:25 pace no problem in Osaka, but maybe I am a bit too optimistic. It's always easy to plan things theoretically, but I think now I have to face the reality.

After the run, I went down to the gym and did a bit of torso reinforcement and stretch pole exercises. Then I went to the bath, which is the highlight of this National Stadium facilities, to take a jet bath to massage my back, which has been extremely stiff for a couple of days and could be a reason why I can't run well.

It's only a week to go. Am I ready? Mmmm. A big question mark in my head.

◎Today's distance: 12.8km (10km with race pace)
◎Weekly mileage: 20.2km(うーん)


At January 23, 2006, Blogger Stephen Lacey said...

Mika, full credit to you for taking the tough option of running alone to do the training you felt you needed. Don't worry too much about the inability to hit your target pace. You may well be right that the target goal is a little too ambitious. Realistically, you might have slipped on the fitness just a little with that week you had to take off because of the hip. Nothing you can do about that now. So I think sticking with your 4:30 pace would be a sensible strategy, and if you have the extra fitness available, you might make up time in the second half. If you don't have it, you may still hang on for a modest PB. But if 4:25 turns out to be way over-ambitious, you could blow up and have a terrible second half when, with a more conservative strategy, you could have got a PB. The PBs cannot always be by several minutes! Anyway, the one thing for sure is that none of the training you do this week is going to increase your marathon fitness, so do take things fairly easily and get over that stiff back and concentrate on getting your legs fresh and ready to run!

At January 23, 2006, Blogger mika t. said...

Thanks Steve. You always give me great advises to help me make a decesion. I think I will stick to 4:30/km plan and see what will happen at the latter half.


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