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Thursday, July 5

Sprint tri at Showa Memorial Park.

Last Sunday, I did a triathlon at Tachikawa. It's sprint distance (S750m/B20km/R5km) and I thought it would be a good practice for Suzu.

This race revealed my crucial weakness. Swim.

Here is my result.
Overall time 1:29:38, place 27th out of 87 women. (6th in age)
Swim 21:04 85th
Bike 44:56 11th for bike part (45th split pl.)
Run 23:38 8th for run part

I was the 3rd from the bottom at swim part. I knew that I wasn't a good swimmer, but this result is quite shocking. We swam 2 and 1/3 laps in a swimming pool and top group lapped me!!! Winning time of swim part was 10:17 and most people finished a way under 20 minutes. I wonder how do they swim that fast....

50 days before Suzu. Can I really complete 2.5km swim part there?


At July 06, 2007, Blogger Stephen Lacey said...

Nice result Mika. Imagine what you could do if your swimming was better than the average piece of driftwood. ;-) It must have benn great passing people the whole way after you got out of the water. Well, it's summer and the outdoor pools are open (Megurokumin center, Komazawa Park), so no excuses ... get out and practice!

At July 06, 2007, Blogger Ewen said...

Your swimming would improve heaps if you joined a swim squad for training a few times a week - they have qualified coaches. Good technique makes a great deal of difference to swimming speed and efficiency.

It'll take quite a while to get to your best as a swimmer (years), so it's no different to running that way. You could swim 2.5k, but you'll be a long way back. Shorter swim legs are better for non swimmers.

There could be a limit to your ability as a swimmer if you don't float naturally high in the water. If you can wear a wetsuit in the tri you'll go much better due to the floatation assistance. Good luck :)

At July 08, 2007, Blogger mika t. said...

Steve, thanks for the encouraging comment. It's always nice passing people, but for this time, I had a complicated feeling, if I weren't that bad at the swim leg, I wouldn't have had that much people in front of me....

Ewen, yes I am planning to join a swimming squad, but the guy I was first thinking of went back to his country until the end of summer. Shame. I have to find another one. But I kind of enjoy all the process of improving from the very low level. When I started running 4 years ago, I was like that. Well, for the time being I need to become able to complete 2.5km! I have to make impossible possible in 50 days!


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