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Sunday, April 29

London Marathon 2007

It may be an old news, but hey, I ran Flora London Marathon, too!

I ran it with 3:20:16, almost 10 minutes off from my PB. My 5k splits can tell a whole story about my marathon.

5k 21:07
Woops! Way too fast. I was aiming at 4:30m/k pace (22:30 for 5k). Thanks to the high unit iron tubs, I think the anaemia is healing quicker than I thought and I totally lost the sense of pace. During the training period, 4:30 pace for me was much harder than this, and I was struggling to run 5k TT for 21min.

10k 21:56 / 43:03
Still fast, but I felt OK so just continued. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was all excited about it since my last two marathons were in miserable rain.

15k 22:25 / 1:05:28
Finally getting back to the planned pace and I was hoping to keep this pace to the end. Optimistic! A woman at the roadside cheered me "Go China!", I was genki enough to tell her "No no, Japan!"

20k 23:06 / 1:28:35
Hmmm, now I realised the mistake I made. Going out too fast, the mistake that usually marathon beginners make. I never learn lessons from my past. Another spectator cheered me "Go China!", I used my precious energy for replying "No no, Japan, Tokyo!!!".

Half 1:33:28
This is more than 2 minutes faster than the half marathon I ran two weeks ago. I am getting healed from anaemia, definitely (looking at the bright side).

25k 23:14 / 1:51:49
I am getting tired and bored. I got a sharp pain in my left calf and hams, or was it later than that? I don't remember.

30k 24:03 / 2:15:53
Around 30k, I got passed by the lead pack of elite men. I wanted to cheer Hendrick Ramaala, but it happened within one second and I couldn't tell who's who from their backs. I shouted "Go! Hendrick!" anyway. (I am a big fan of Ramaala since NYC marathon 2005). I myself wasn't feeling very well. I just couldn't help slowing down.

35k 25:21 / 2:41:14
No guts, no fighting spirit, just keep myself going forward, many women and top men passed me. I didn't care any more.

40k 27:19 / 3:08:34
Kept jogging, wishing to reach the finishing line.

42.2 11:40 / 3:20:16
Although I was totally done then, it was still a great experience to run the last stretch at the Mall. I even sprinted a bit.

This is a bad example of running a marathon. I am amazed that someone who have run 10 marathons can still make such a mistake. I would blame on the weather, not mid-20 degree temperature but beautiful sunny day that made me too optimistic. :-)

The reunion of Namban friends in London was great. I felt so relaxed, just like being at home game in Tokyo. And above all, huge thanks to Geraldine and Rieko for their help and support. The start with all the elite women was unforgettable experience.

See you soon!

Mika from Seoul at the transit.


At April 29, 2007, Anonymous aya said...

ボストンはまたまた記録が出ないランになってしまったけど、初めて楽しく笑顔で完走できたよ。 皆にHI5したり、踊ったりしたけど
Mika、ゆっくり休んで夏はスピード強化。。。暑いからね。 HKGは猛暑だけどスタミナ強化合宿受けいれるよ。

At April 30, 2007, Blogger mika t. said...




At May 12, 2007, Blogger Ewen said...

Go Japan, Tokyo!

Thanks for the report - I enjoyed reading it. Definitely sounds like a hard way to run a marathon. 21:07 to 27:19! Anyway, well done and glad you enjoyed it (and Paris).

Good also to hear the anemia is on the way to being cured :)

At May 19, 2007, Blogger mika t. said...

Ewen, thank you. Now I am enjoying running-free days, but still trying to do bike ride and swim.


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