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Wednesday, April 11

Post Tokyo Marathon struggle.

After Tokyo Marathon and during the preparaion for London Marathon (22 April), I was struggling with the situation of " getting slower and slower, weaker and weaker". First, I thought it's the matter of motivation, since I have been doing this marathon training since last July and a sort of getting bored with it. Second, I suspected my weight gain. Yes, I am now 2kg overweight compared to my best weight, and I feel physically heavy while I run.

Since my time gets slower and slower everytime I run, my motivation went lower and lower and as a consequence, I started to feel reluctant to run, and ruluctant to talk about running for these days.

One typical result. I ran Yaizu half marathon last Sunday and my time was disappointing 1:34:43 while I have been training for under 1:30.

Today, I found the third reason for my situation, and it seems to be the main factor of my problem. I had a blood test and found that I have anemia (low iron). Runners' common problem. I never had this problem in my life, but high mileage training seems to have caused this.

Now the reason is clear and I feel better somehow. The doctor said I can keep running and gave me the prescription for iron medicine.

10 days left for London Marathon. Will I be healed? (And will I loose 2kg?)


At April 11, 2007, Blogger Stephen Lacey said...

Hey, I seem to remember a certain other person suggesting this to you back prior to TWIM. There were certain signs of this because you were struggling a little bit at paces you should have been fairly comfortable at, especially during some of those pace runs. I wonder how long this anemia has been with you? Anyway, fantastic that you've found it and have a reason to look forward to faster times in the future.

At April 11, 2007, Blogger mika t. said...

Thanks, and yes, I should have taken your advice more seriously and kept taking the iron supplement after TWIM. To be honest, I started doubting aging factor, so I am glad that it was anemia, the one you can heal with medicine. :-)


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