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Tuesday, January 30

No run Monday, so no 500km.

Got too busy. 3 hour sleep for 2 days...



At January 30, 2007, Blogger Stephen Lacey said...

Oh well, never mind. They are just numbers. You never see me getting obsessed about numbers ;-)

You still had a great month. Damn you, you got in more mileage than me. I could only manage about 435 km, and that was after 7 km yesterday and 17 this morning. So the last couple of weeks have been good.

How was Sunday's long run?


At January 30, 2007, Blogger mika t. said...

Thanks, Steve. And you did really well at the half marathon. Well done! My long run went almost well, thanks for company by Tom and Motozo. Without them, it could have been very difficult.


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