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Monday, September 25

Terry Fox Run.

Thanks to the swim and massage I had in Saturday, I became able to run Terry Fox Run 10k on Sunday. It wasn't really a race since we didn't even get a number, but it's a good opportunity to compete with other runners anyway. My target was 42:30 and I managed to finish with 42:24. Barely, but I'm happy. I think I was the 1st woman, but no prize. It was really a "run and walk", not a race at all so they don't care who was faster than who. A bit dissapointing... After the race I jogged another lap with Chika and Rie, course marshals were still cheering at us.

After the race we headed to Renald's place and had a fun afternoon with Pizza and lots of beer!

◎Weekly trainig log (18-24 Sep)
Mon: 8.9k 10x200m + jog
Tue: 8.5k easy jog
Wed: 8.5k easy jog in the morning, Yasso 800 at the track and jog 19k
Thu: 1h fartlek (easy)
Fri: 7.3k eeeeeasy jog
Sat: 1.1k swim and 3.5k
Sun: 10k race and 9k jog

Week total: 85.7k


At September 25, 2006, Blogger oldsprinter said...

I was a bit surprised there were no numbers, too. At least you had competition in the 10km! I ran alone in the 5k. Numbers would have let the race marshals know who was in the event and who was just out for a jog.


At September 25, 2006, Blogger mika t. said...

Yes I was lucky to have 2 guys to race with, even though I was beaten by both of them in the end...

5k woman winner Rie also ran all the way by herself.

At September 25, 2006, Blogger aya said...

ブリジットね、hawaiiの1/2 ironmanで
12月のHawaii ironmanの資格をgetしたんだって。すごいね、彼女マラソンでサブ3を狙ってるらしいけど、あのスピードとスタミナなら余裕だと思う。Mikaもガンバッテネ。 私は、再来週の新潟でBostonの資格を取ったら、それに向けて本気でトレーニングしますよ。アドバイスよろしくね。

At September 25, 2006, Blogger mika t. said...



At September 26, 2006, Blogger aya said...



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