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Tuesday, May 23

Training with Iron Men.

Saturday morning, I joined Keren's workout at Arakawa. He said we would do "brick workout", but I actually didn't know what it was and just blindly followed him. After some kilometers of bike ride, we stopped at a track along the riverbank and took off helmets, changed shoes into running shoes, then started running 3 laps of 400m track. Then wore helmets and bike shoes again and started another lap of bike ride. After all, we did 5 times of 5km bike rides & 1200m runs. It was hard (for me). Each time I ran at the track, my time got 20 seconds slower and I was almost dying at the end. But it was very good practice for bike/run transition, and also for using different muscles alternately.

In the evening, I joined a wetsuit swim at Yoyogi Taiikukan swimming pool with Keren and David. I was in the slower group and did 100m x 15 intervals, then 500m of drifting. It was hard (for me) and got really exhausted after the morning brick thing, but Keren, who was supposed to be tapering, did even more.

Sunday morning, I went out for an open water swim with Keren and Jay in Hakkeijima. It was the first experience for me to swim in the ocean, but thanks to the instruction by Keren the master of OW swim, I survived in the sea without drawning, I even enjoyed the experience. But I learnt how hard swimming straight in the ocean is, and how salty the sea water is. After that, we went out for jogging around Hakkeijima. (BTW, Hakkeijima is a great place for a training weekend. We talked about proposing a run/swim/BBQ weekend with Namban people sometime in summer.)

It was a tough weekend for me, training with these Iron Men, and I really wonder if Keren is actually tapering...But Keren, I would say you missed one thing. You skipped the Gary & Mami's party part. It was actually a bike/run/swim/party day. I am the only one who completed whole programme!!! :-D

◎Bike: 85km(Sat)
◎Run: 6km(Sat) and 8km jog(Sun)
◎Swim: 2km(Sat) and 1.5km(Sun)


At May 23, 2006, Blogger Stephen Lacey said... must have been a late arrival at the party. I left at 6:30 and you weren't there (or was I that drunk I don't remember?)

At May 23, 2006, Blogger mika t. said...

At 6:30pm, I started swimming at Yoyogi, finished around 8:00, then went to Gary and Mami's. It was a great house and great party, even in the late evening.


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