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Monday, May 1



片腕のびドリル(何て名付けたらいいんだ、この練習) 300m
25m仰向けバタ足+25mゆっくりスイム 200m
25mダッシュ+25mゆっくりスイム 300m
ウォームダウン 300m



Swim squad.

Monday regular swim squad. I was doing the beginner's workout in the separate lane as usual.

I felt I have improved in capturing water especially today, maybe because it's been only 2 days since last I swam. I heard that more often you swim, the more efficiently you learn, because getting used to be in the water is important as it is not a usual thing to do in your daily life. I will try to swim more often at least during this Golden Week. Coach Greg told me my form is better when I swim faster. Well I am just tring as hard as I can and never concerned about my form...

◎Today's effort: 1,100m swim


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