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Tuesday, May 16

Monday, swim squad.

Monday evening, I joined the regular swim squad at Tokyo Taiikukan swimming pool. Coach Greg told me to count my strokes while I swim 50m and to try making less strokes each time, and also shortening time. It was hard! While I was doing 8 times of 50m, the number of strokes stayed almost the same, or sometimes more and the time got slower as I got tired. 48 strokes was the best I could do, and 63 sec. was the best time. It was also difficult to count numbers while I was swimming hard.

50m x 4 of warm-up (some drills and slow crawl)
50m x 8 of hard swim, counting strokes
150m x 3 of 100m slow and last 50m fast
250m free
200m cool-down

◎Swim: 1500m


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