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Sunday, April 30



午後になって、重い腰を上げて大井埠頭へ行くことにする。せめて週1回ぐらいはバイクにのらないと。午後の大井埠頭は、サイクリストもまばら。ここでひとりでバイク40kmとラン10kmを連続してやってみることにした。バイクの後にランをやったのは初めてだが、なんか変な感じ。バイクで使った筋肉、特に膝から上の筋肉がとても疲労しているのがわかる。なんとも妙な感触なのだ。バイク40kmは約90分、その後のラン10kmは48分ぐらい。昨日の水泳1.5kmのタイムと合わせると、オリンピックディスタンス完走だ。イエイ! 制限時間の4時間では完走できそうなことがわかって嬉しい。そうなると、タイムへの欲も少々出てくるなあ。あと1ヶ月、がんばろーっと。

Run & bike at Ooi Futo.

I slept in due to yesterday's short of sleep and fatigue from hard swim and couldn't go to Yoyogi park. But I wonder who was running there because almost everyone went to run the ekiden in Inagi today.

In the afternoon, I reluctantly left home for Ooi Futo, I need to ride at least once a week. I tried to do 40km bike and 10km run. It was the first time for me to do this kind of bike/run combination workout. It was a bit strange running with tired legs after the bike. 40km bike ride took about 90min and 10km run took around 48min. Combined with yesterday's 1.5km swim, I completed Olympic distance triatholon! Well, it looks that I will be able to finish before 4hours cut-off time. I will do some more of this combination workout before the race. A month to go!

◎Today's distance: 64km bike, 10km run


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