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Monday, October 27

3 Weeks to go

Now there are three weeks to go for Tokyo Women's Marathon. I would like to review how I spent these 4 weeks, the crucial period of the training.

●Week 3 (Sep. 29 - Oct. 5)
Total mileage 92.7km incl. a 3 x 2000m with build-up pace (from 4:25 to 4:10/k), a 10km TT (42:50) and a 42km slooooow jog (It was planned to be 35k +, but since I got lost, I ended up with such long distance...). Missed 2 days due to work situation.

●Week 4 (Oct. 6 - 12)
Total mileage 105.1km incl. a 8k build-up run from 4:37 to 4:05 and the weekend training camp at Nojiri-ko with Harriers. At the camp, we did 6 x 1200m endless relay (a sort of interval run) and 30km pace run with super hilly course.

●Week 5 (Oct. 13 - 19)
Total mileage 77.5km incl. the last day of the training camp doing a 10.6km TT (48:31, very hilly course), a 5 x 1500m with Atomi, with build-up pace (4:10/k pace to 3:50/k pace), and Takashimadaira 20km race (Time 1:26:37).

●Week 6 (Oct. 20 - 26)
Total mileage 111km incl. a 10km fartlek, a failure Yasso 800, a 15km build-up run (4:40/k pace to 4:13/k pace) and a 40km LSD.

Although I had to miss couple of sessions due to work, I mostly did what I had to do and am feeling fine and fit now. Especially now being right after the solo 40km run yesterday, I feel confident and content. Since I got only limited time for this time, I conciously put weigh on slow, long distance ones and a sort of gave up the marathon race-pace effort. For example I didn't do any 30 to 35km race pace run this time, but I did super slow 40km twice and one faster 20km run at a race. This is totally new to me so I am excited to see the effect of it, not necessarily about the time, but about the feel of the race. Next weekend, I will do one more hard-longish session at the Yotsuya hill. I hope it will go well.


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