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Monday, September 22

9 week marathon training

Now Sado tri is over and what's next....Tokyo Women's Marathon!

Last week, Brett made a marathon training programme for me and I finally started the marathon training. Considering that I only have 9 weeks (now 8 weeks) before the race, every run looks so precious and I can't skip any of them. At the same time, cramming too much training into the short period is very risky. In fact I pulled the leg muscle last year when I ran 30km a week after the triathlon race. So I set the principles for this time as follows;

- Don't be obsessed by mileage or time too much.
- Stay sensible side, never overwork, think about recovery cycle.
- Focus on what you do every time. Think about the purpose of the training.
- Eat well and drink sensibly.

And, this time, I would like to focus more on endurance side rather than speed side, so I will put at least one over 40km run before TW's. To be honest I wanted to put more than once, but it seems difficult now considering recovery period after Sado and tapering period before TW's.

I ran 30km with 5:00 - 5:10 / k pace last Saturday and I felt OK (2 weeks after Sado). I think some endurance has been already built through the triathlon training. The issue is how I can convert it to a marathon specifially. Now I have no speed at all. I am very slow at the track. So this will be the experiment to see if endurance base actually covers lack of speed at a marahon. Let's see.


At September 22, 2008, Blogger Christian said...

I like your principles!

Another one: don't worry ;-) your Triathlon training definitely added some endurance! I don't know too much about it but I heard that if I run after strength training, the running muscles will get the lion's share - as the run is at the end of every triathlon, effects might be similar.

Listen to your body and good luck for your training! A 40k training run sounds very tough, how long will you recover after that?

At September 24, 2008, Blogger mika t. said...

When I do 40k, I run very slow, like 6 min per k, so it's mentaly a bit tough, but physically not so much. I did it once before my PB Tokyo Marathon so I take it some sort of good luck training as well as endurace training. I think 3 weeks is good enough to fully recover.


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