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Thursday, January 4

Happy New Year!

Failure 5k PB attempt

Before this new year greeting, I think I should report my 5000TT attempt on 27 Dec. last year. I am sorry to report this, but it wasn't successful at all. My target was 19:30, and my first k took 4 min and I was already struggling. Second k was 4:07 with big effort, then at the end of 3rd k, I stopped trying. I can think of hundreds of reasons for this result but main thing was the work situation at the end of the year. Too much stress and short of sleep (3 hour per day). Setting this attempt at this time of the year was a big mistake in the first place.

Thanks so much for your advice anyway. It will be a big help for the next attempt.

New year holiday!

Thanks to the new year holiday from 29th, I am able to come back to the marathoner's life again. From 29th to yesterday (3rd Jan.), I have run 113km already. My legs are a bit tired, but above all I am feeling good!

29th fri. 8k jog
30th sat. 30k Kamakukra trail
31st sun. 7k jog
1st mon. 23k in the morning and 7k in the evening
2nd tue. 21k incl. fartlek
3rd wed. 17k aerobic pace at the palace
4th thu. planning to run 7k jog


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