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Sunday, October 22

Takashimadaira 20k race.

I ran Takashimadaira 20km road race today. It's a small race held at a suburb of Tokyo. I like this race because it is accessible and can be a great preparation for Tokyo Women's Marathon in November. So since 2004, I do this race every year, this was my 3rd time.

I barely made a "course" PB, by 7 seconds, but I couldn't break the real PB (1:25:26) that I made during a marathon race last March. Quite disappointing.

Jason ran it, too and he became 5th with 1:05:35 (gross). Great time and great result! Since the course consists of 4 laps of 5k loop, I thought he would lap me, but it didn't happen. The guy who won the race made the course record 58:51. Date-kun from Tokai University. You should check him out at Hakone Ekiden!

I checked my 5k splits of all past 3 races, and found an interesting point.

2004 20:50 / 21:31 / 22:22 / 22:11 total 1:26:55(net)
2005 21:07 / 21:28 / 21:42 / 22:04 total 1:26:24(net)
2006 21:13 / 21:33 / 21:44 / 21:45 total 1:26:17(net)

First 5k time and total time are exactly in contrast. What does this fact mean? I became able to run sensibly but haven't made actual progress? Hummm.

As I was so unsatisfied by the result today, I got off the train at Hibiya and ran another 10k at the Palace. Only one month is left, so I thought I should do something.

◎This week
Mon: No run due to work situation
Tue: Morning, 100m/200m on/off, 8k. Evening, build up run at Gosho, 14k
Wed: 12k 4:10/k pace run at the track, ended up with 4:11/k average pace, 20k total
Thu: No run due to work
Fri: 1h fartlek, 12k
Sat: Run for the Cure 5k race and jog, 15k total
Sun: Takashimadaira 20k race and jog, 32k total

Week total: 101k


At October 23, 2006, Blogger Stephen Lacey said...

Mika-san, Congratulations on your PB! I fully understand your feeling of being a little disappointed though. Satohi and I did a marathon pace run at the palace yesterday. She was almost on target, but maybe a second or two slow. I was worse, more like three or four seconds off my required pace. At least one reason was tired legs. I'm sure that there would be some of that for you too. It is hard to taper and freshen up for these runs in the middle of marathon training, so the results are not going to reflect our full potentials. My interpretation of your times for the three races is that now, compared to the last two years, your endurance is better. It isn't just that you ran more sensibly in the first 5k, but you held better to the pace in the last 5k. That's from better aerobic endurance.

At October 24, 2006, Blogger mika t. said...

Steve, thanks for your analysis on my splits. Better endurance, I like that, I take that.

Well done on your race pace long run. You don't have to be disappointed that much because the Palace is a hard course, expecially for long runs, which means Satohi did great there.


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