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Sunday, February 12



lap1 24:20
lap2 24:15
lap3-4 49:01
lap5 24:49




25km at the Palace and Tokyo Marathon watching.

To watch the last Tokyo International (Men's) Marathon afterwards, I did my weekend long run at the Palace. Ran 5 laps (25km) with a bit faster than 5min/km pace with Motozo (Jay jumped in at the 3rd lap after his bike ride). I thought it was easy but actually quite tough. Perhaps I haven't recovered enough from Osaka 2 weeks ago. My right ankle and left hip joint hurt. I should be careful. Nevertheless I feel good about doing what I planned to do.

After the run, Motozo and I cycled to Hibiya dori and watched the race. The top group passed really quickly. I could recognize Takaoka and Irifune, but other than them, I had no idea who was who.

It was pity that we couldn't cheer Brett and Jason. If they had been there, we would have formed a big cheering squad.

◎Today's distance: 25km (4:50 to4:55 min / km pace)


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